Educational Interpreter Sub

Educational Interpreter Sub
Moorpark Unified School District
Date Posted:
Marisa Magana
8053786300 1612
Number Openings: (At time of posting)
Length of Work Year:
School Term
Employment Type:
Part Time
Application Deadline:
Until Filled
Salary Range 37 $20.51 - $27.49/hr
Date Posted: 8/17/2018 Application Deadline: Until Filled Employment Type: Part Time Length of Work Year: School Term Salary: Salary Range 37 $20.51 - $27.49/hr Number Openings: (At time of posting) 1 Contact: Marisa Magana Email: mmagana@mrpk.org Phone: 8053786300 1612
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The person in this position works under general supervision of an administrator or teacher to act as an interpreter for hearing impaired students in an educational environment, or to provide specialized assistance in speech/language, occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis, specialized health needs or other specialized services identified by the District; to perform a variety of instructional duties related to assigned programs and to perform other related duties as required. Primary responsibilities are to:
Perform specialized work related to sign language interpretation for facilitating communication between deaf and hard-of-hearing students and teachers through the use of sign language, fingerspelling, speech, reading, writing, gestures, pictures and other methods to facilitate communication;
Attend classes with hearing impaired students to interpret lectures, discussions and other audible classroom activities;
Attend assemblies to interpret the lecture and other activities;
Interpret into spoken English the questions and verbal presentations of hearing impaired students;
Assist hearing impaired students in communicating with faculty, staff, administrators and others;
Learn sign language vocabulary specific to the class and material being taught including coursework, texts, handouts, testing and laboratory material and others;
Interpret at meetings, conferences, appointments and during other educational activities;
Confer with direct supervisor and others about special needs and concerns of individual hearing impaired students;
Provide therapeutic or instructional services to individual students and/or groups of students in specialized education areas;
Assist student by translating explanations of vocabulary and basic concepts from lectures and reading;
Assist teachers in preparing materials and arranging the classroom;
Assist with a wide array of instructional duties relative to the assigned programs;
Incumbents working in the Special Education program may be required to assist in rendering various forms of personal care and specialized physical health care services prescribed by a physician, which are necessary during the school day to enable the child to attend school.
Requirements for Applying
Requirements for Applying
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